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The Dirty Good Questionnaire

The objective of this project is to collect and create an archive of useful interviews and stories for members and readers to access giving them practical advice and inspiration to explore mixed terrain adventures and discover wellness.

Our hope is that these interviews will help athletes who have struggled with depression, anxiety, injury, and eating disorders improve their mental health and craft an adventure driven life.

We invite you to share your story with our community.

Please answer the 10 questions with as much detail as possible. Contact us if you have any questions, or wish to submit the questions via email.

Ideally written in third person and 200+ words. This will act as an introduction to the interview.
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Provide a bio photo, preferably doing your mixed terrain activity of choice. 1200 x 800 minimum dimensions, high resolution photo. *Please submit only photos for which you have copyright.
If you have a website we'll link to it.
Please also describe how your involvement with this activity came to be?
Personal, physical (injury, fatigue, illness), mental (anxiety, depression)?
What specific actions have you taken to rise beyond your struggles?
Please provide any additional questions, comments, or details you think we should add to this interview. Thanks!
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