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Articles on physical and (mostly) mental wellness.

The Dirty Good 5 / 2 Theory

Paul and I have what we call our, “5 / 2” theory. It’s kind of like the “80%” rule most diet plans profess, or the endurance training principle of making hard days hard and easy days easy, or even the…

What Can Physical Training Teach Us About Mental Resiliency

What if we approached all aspects of our lives as we do our physical and endurance training? Utilizing periodization principles and maintaining a respect for rest and recovery are widely accepted approaches to consistent growth in the pursuit of building physical…

Why Endurance Athletes Need A Yoga Practice

As a devoted and enthusiastic endurance athlete, I find great value in adding a yoga practice to my training, and hope to help others discover the benefits for themselves. With the type-A, all or nothing attitudes often innate in many…

What I Know About Depression

I don't know much about the underlining causes or triggers of depression — the science. I do know how it's effected me, how it's effected friends, and how it's effected recently named and the nameless strangers that face it's challenges daily.

Wrestling With The Epidemic Of Depression

I read an article this morning about depression from an athlete’s perspective. Then I read another from the view of a spouse dealing with her athletic husband’s depressive episodes.

The First Rule Of Depression

The first rule of depression is we don't talk about depression. The second rule of depression is we don't talk about depression.  I'm a rule follower. I don't make waves. I internalize my feelings, but only after denying them. I go to my cave. I distract myself. I self judge. I don't ask for help. I didn't talk about depression.

Nourishing Traditions: Eating Old-School

The well-intentioned objective of Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon and Mary Enig, Ph.D., is to reintroduce readers to a Real Food nutritional approach by promoting and educating us on the importance of going back to our ancestral roots of eating.…

Depression Basics: 7 Signs

One purpose of this site is to educate and de-stigmatize depression and mental illness, not only for you the reader, but for myself.