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We hope these interviews will help athletes who have struggled with depression, anxiety, injury, and eating disorders improve mental wellness and craft an adventure driven life. Learn more about this project and submit your questionnaire.

Wellness Habits of Ultra Runner Saulius Eidukas

Saulius is a long distance runner who took up the activity 12 years ago as a way to aid his mental health. After being diagnosed with generalized anxiety and depression he found that exercise was a huge aid in countering these illnesses.

Wellness Habits of Trail Runner Spencer Newell

Spencer Newell is a lifelong endurance athlete who finds that being athletic is a way for him to push physical limits as well as help cope, and break, mental boundaries.  Having been sober for 7+ years he shares his story…

Wellness Habits of Mountain Runner and Photographer Steven Gnam

Steven Gabriel Gnam is a professional photographer using the medium to explore and illuminate our connection to Nature. His work is a celebration of the wild, and encourages protecting the wildlands of the American West, with a focus on the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest.

Wellness Habits of Trail Runner Scott LaPlante

Scott is a father, partner, ultra endurance athlete, law of attraction student, apprentice manifestor and business owner who longs for adventure and travel. Drawn to trail running, mountain and road cycling his daily goal is to find intention and a…

Susan Barrows – Trail Runner & Gravel Enthusiast

Susan is a competitive trail runner and enthusiastic gravel cyclist who practices and teaches yoga, studies nutrition in hopes of coaching others, tries to keep up a writing habit, and works a couple of jobs to support her current living situation with her partner in Bend, OR.