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Field Notes

Essays and notes from our travels and adventures.

The A Void Dance of Meaning

Maybe we’re buying nonessentials because we’re looking for something we’ve lost. Maybe we’re overeating because we’re trying to fill a void. Maybe we don’t have an opioid crisis so much as we have a crisis of meaning. — The Minimalists…

Wrestling With The Epidemic Of Depression

I read an article this morning about depression from an athlete’s perspective. Then I read another from the view of a spouse dealing with her athletic husband’s depressive episodes.

Keeping Things Simple

I’ve long had the desire to keep things simple. It’s not an easy task in today’s society. There is so much information flowing toward us it’s difficult to ward it off and remain focused on the basic needs which matter…

There Are Two Paths To Mastery

I watched a documentary film last night titled, “Soul,” which focused on the lives of two cooks. The two main characters were Eneko Atxa, who owns a three-Michelin-star restaurant, Azurmendi, in northeastern Spain, and the 91-year-old Tokyo based sushi chef,…

How To Celebrate Our Rites of Passage

It’s the vernal equinox and one of my favorite days because it means more sun, more warmth and more dirt. Spring with her longer days and shorter nights has always signaled a transition out of hibernation – a rebirth of…

Storytelling Changes Us For The Better

When you are open to the exploration of your thoughts, allowing them to formulate without getting hung up on directing them, good things happen. I’ve learned several things from my experiences dealing with depression a few years back. The direction…

Feel Grounded Wherever You Are

It’s been a heck of a few months. Sparing the details, I fell into the black hole again, deep enough to scare myself into finally reaching out in every direction I could think of for help.

The Pros And Cons Of Long-Term Van Living

Last week I wrote about ten things I've learned since moving into a van. In reviewing the list there were just two items specifically related to the day-to-day practicalities of living in a van. 

10 Lessons Learned Living In A Van

We've been living on the road and in our Chevy since July 2017. It has been an interesting journey, equally adventurous and tedious. The trail miles have been invigorating and rejuvenating.