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A Daily Writing Ritual Can Improve Your Mental Wellness

After a brief, informal brainstorming session on content ideas for Dirty Good, it struck me that my first habit I would highlight for our Nourishing Habits column should be exactly what I am trying to do by creating this: resurrect a daily writing ritual.

The Dirty Good 5 / 2 Theory

Paul and I have what we call our, “5 / 2” theory. It’s kind of like the “80%” rule most diet plans profess, or the endurance training principle of making hard days hard and easy days easy, or even the…

How To Bikepack Like An Amateur

What could possibly be more wonderfully uncomfortable, more pleasantly basic and more fringe-of-society-ish than living in a 1993 van, often on the side of Hwy 6 with the semi trucks on a hot July weekend? If you know me, it’s…