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Mixed Terrain Adventures

Guides, write-ups, and stories on self propelled, self guided mixed terrain adventures.

How To Bikepack Like An Amateur

What could possibly be more wonderfully uncomfortable, more pleasantly basic and more fringe-of-society-ish than living in a 1993 van, often on the side of Hwy 6 with the semi trucks on a hot July weekend? If you know me, it’s…

Bikepacking The Eastern Sierra

Susan and I recently embarked on our first bikepacking adventure. I've ridden a mountain bike for decades, and camped for longer than that, but I've yet to combine the two for a humble adventure in the growing dirty activity of bikepacking.

Idaho Exodus

The weather in Ketchum was growing worse and worse, with a winter storm warning threatening the next few days. Although we advocate taking the “hard path” and want to be tough guys, the reality is that part of this journey is based on escaping winter because it’s just not comfortable for either of us – or for the Beauville.