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Susan Barrows

Susan investigates wellness practices and educates people on how to nourish themselves for a balanced and joyful life. She is an Ultrarunner, Yogi, and Dirty Good Co — Founder.

Dirty Laundry: Sidetracked

Here I am, six weeks into our Dirty Good odyssey still enamored with the lifestyle but of course, still me. As I write this brief account of my personal journey I am hoping not to reinforce and accept my identity as an anxious, depressive, disordered eater but to reveal patterns that have been both destructive and beneficial for me in the past. 

This Is How We Do It

I have to try hard not to giggle every time (like right now) Paul disappears into the van, practically into our Kitchen Cubbyhole itself, trying to dig out the small burner, pan, matches, or whatever is currently needed.

Idaho Exodus

The weather in Ketchum was growing worse and worse, with a winter storm warning threatening the next few days. Although we advocate taking the “hard path” and want to be tough guys, the reality is that part of this journey is based on escaping winter because it’s just not comfortable for either of us – or for the Beauville.

Dirty Laundry: How To Be (Un)Disciplined

Today marks thirty-three days of our new, mobile, dirty-good lifestyle. Although we’d been practicing living out of the Beaumont for the better part of July and August in Bend, there was some housesitting mixed in, a job to go to and friends and family to keep up with. 

Big Country Views

All along California’s Hwy 395 I can see for miles and miles, north and south. To the east and west of the Owens River Valley, however, views are quickly interrupted by the sudden, dramatic peaks of the Eastern Sierra on…

Natural Connections

Last week I touched on the connection I feel while in the mountains. It’s not just alpine scenery and granite peaks that enliven this sense of completeness in me; I feel it when I’m at the continent’s edge hypnotized by…

It’s Okay to Smile

Why do we wake up feeling more or less like ourselves some days? A week or so ago there was one of those mornings when I woke in a pretty deep funk, for no rational reason, my thoughts wrapping around…

How Much Do You Really Want To Do It?

My whole life I have wanted to call myself a writer. In third grade my best friend (still to this day!) and I created a series of stories chronicling the adventures of Pely and Ely, the Elephants. They voyaged to the jungle and moonlighted at circuses and spiritedly gallivanted across the world.