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Susan Barrows

Susan investigates wellness practices and educates people on how to nourish themselves for a balanced and joyful life. She is an Ultrarunner, Yogi, and Dirty Good Co — Founder.

High Gear

Everyone seems to be migrating here to Bend, tis the season I guess, and all we can think about is how to get back to our rambling roots. A year and a half ago Paul wrote a New Year edition…

A Little Yoga for Big Benefits

I know, it feels like a chore, it feels silly, it feels awkward and kinda pointless. You’re not spiritual, you’re not flexible, you’re not a hippy. You don’t know what all those Sanskrit words mean. You’re already strong, you’re already…

If You Only Walk Long Enough

I think a lot of us can relate to Alice. We wait and wait for direction, for an answer, or just validation for our path. Like Alice, we get lost down the rabbit hole, which could be a different kind of darkness for each of us. For me it has been a lifelong lack of professional direction, accompanied by the emptiness of depression that constantly pulls on me like an invisible gravitational force.

Moonlight Mantras

Maybe it was the lack of oxygen, maybe the dwindling light, maybe the sounds of heaving on the trail beside me, but I was starting to get a little scared. I tried not to let my voice reveal the anxiety…