We empower people to move outside, connect with nature, and in doing so, develop grit, build vitality, improve mental wellness, and craft an adventure driven life.

Dirty Good is a discovery platform for mixed terrain adventures and wellness that develops through earnest outside play and the oft necessary dirty work of inner exploration. We believe a vital life is forged by challenging ourselves outwardly and inwardly.

Live a simple yet adventurous life. 

We started Dirty Good Company to chronicle our personal journey of adventure and wellness. It continues as a resource to educate and encourage those who struggle with depression and anxiety to get dirty, consume wisely, and be good to feel good.

We have grand visions to do more for others. Proceeds from our ventures go toward funding our mission and the objectives listed below.

  • Educate on the importance of movement in nature and proper nourishment for physical and mental wellness
  • Nurture an enthusiasm for mixed terrain adventures, and responsible use of the outdoors
  • Produce newsletters, articles, essays, and guides for mixed terrain adventurers
  • Organize events and gatherings for members
  • Subsidize movement and nutritional coaching to make it more accessible to those who need it most
  • Create an accountability community helping members adopt better habits to improve mental and physical wellness
  • Provide financial support to individuals and organizations who share our values

Paul Lieto & Susan Barrows
Dirty Good Co—conspirators